Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Målvaktsbenskydd

19,999.00 kr 10,999.00 kr

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Brand new for 2018, Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads. The 2S leg pad will feature tweaks in the build process, construction and overall durability to make the Supreme line of equipment better than before.

Dating back to the original Supreme 1S pad, there was a new process in which the pad was constructed. This technology was called C.O.R.TECH Skin technology which stands for Coefficient of Restitution Technology. Bauer has continued this engineering process of combining Cross linked Polyethylene foam, Curv Composite additives, lycra-spandex, poly-urethane and digitally printed graphics. Now, the 2S pad is updated with C.O.R.TECH – ST skin that is made of higher quality, super tough outer materials which resist breakdown and improve the life of the pad.

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