Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Målvaktsskridskor

5,999.00 kr

Brand new for 2018, Bauer has continued their revolutionary line and brought out the new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Goalie Skate. The 2S Pro skate will feature key upgrades to the outer quarter panels, heel shape and materials and steel runners making the Supreme line of equipment better than before.

Starting with the outer wrap of the skates, the 2S Pro will feature an asymmetrical fit with a higher inside heel edge to provide support a goalie needs yet give them comfort and freedom of movement through their usage. The quarter panels are made with a new design in the Curv Composite layering providing more stiffness and protection that goalies desire. The ankle has been redesigned with a new shape and extra comfort padding so the heel of the skate sits more comfortably on the goalies ankle bone. Lining the skate will be Bauer’s Lock-Fit Pro liner which provides an ultimate grip on the goalies foot while also still allowing the foot to breathe. On the front of the foot, the tongue has been designed with padding to help reduce lace bite and provide extra comfort throughout.

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